“the concept of body-mind-spirit must include a proper idea of body – not as something static or unchanging, but as an entitiy that is dynamic and ever-changing.”

“Nurses and doctors do not heal patients. Healing is an innate potential that is not given to someone. It is something that each patient is born with. There is no set formula for healing; however, nurses can recognize specific opportunities on which they can capitalize to evoke healing events in their patients and in themselves”

(page 6, Chapter 1)

from Critical Care Nursing C.Kenner, C.Guzzetta, B.Dossey Sympathetic vs parasympathetic – Fight or Flight vs Rest,Relaxation and Repair. . . .so began a journey . . . .children, farming , training, sailing , more education, life experiences all to keep reaching more understanding for my personal growth & health, and for my family which includes our wonderful dog Ace.

– I like to share information I learn from all the different people that enter my life who are my teachers and clients.

– I have a background in Nursing for 30 yrs specialties in Emerg/Critical Care, Palliative Care and Holistic Health Practitioner (Langara College)

– Reflexology dating back to 1998 – courses associated vertical reflexology; reflexology and scars; Cranio-sacral Reflexology with Dr. Matine Faure-Alderson

– Bowenwork Therapy entered my life in 2006 with Dr. Lise Maltaise in Comox. This is a continual learning from all the levels within the Australian Bow-tech group – Advanced levels with Ossie and Elaine; Sport Bowen with Robyn Wood; Understanding Bowen from the Ayurveda Perspective with Farida Irani; Level 1 Cat & Canine Muscle Release Therapy with Lynley Moroney – my dog just loves it and it came in handy as an emergency treatment for him too. So powerful and very gentle. . . still amazes me how easy it works on the animals . That holds true for Bowenwork on our children too.

The latest Bow-tech class was Mind Body & Bowen with Ann Schubert & Margaret Spicer . .truly loved it –

– helped to fill in some gaps 🙂

– I have enjoyed and experienced classes with other instructors too – Gene Dobkin; and Graham Pennington.

– I will always love learning 🙂


More Learning:

  • Emmett Technique Practitioner Level completed
  • Advanced techniques EP4 of 6 completed  pause on courses due to Covid

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