Reflexology Release your Tension

Bowenwork Effective for Pain & Stress Management

Attune Holistic Health

Attune Holistic Health is located in the peaceful Rockland area of Victoria, B.C. Ruth Schippers, Retired RN,  offers reflexology and Bowen therapy treatments for relaxation, pain management, and stress relief. Reflexology is an ancient form of massage therapy of the feet that has been shown to benefit the entire body system. Bowen work is also a form of massage and has been used very effectively for pain and stress management using gentle touch techniques. Book your appointment today and experience the difference bowen therapy and reflexology can make in your ability to get the most out of life.

FEE SCHEDULE: effective Nov.1,2020

$90 per InitialTreatment Mastercard or Visa, Debit; Cash/cheque

REGULAR CLIENTS: Min. 3 treatments in a year MAINTENANCE RATE $70

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TREATMENTS For regular clients During the month of your Birthday One treatment @ $40


A gentle, safe, effective method that triggers the body to heal itself. Most symptoms are relieved with just 2-5 treatments! For more information on Bowenwork


An ancient healing technique that is done on the feet, hands and ears. In modern times science has been able to map out the body on the feet, hands and ears. For more information on Reflexology.